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Everything you need to feel better than at home

At FIL Suites, every detail counts. It’s the ideal place to live a complete experience, a holiday in Mallorca where there will be neither too much nor too little of anything: just everything you need! A professional service made for you to enjoy all the commodities of a luxury design suite along with an extraordinary personalised service. Better than a hotel, better than at home.

What else could one ask for? Cultivating your mind in the library area, stocked up with a wide collection of design and architecture magazines. Exploring the best spots in Palma on long walks, or grabbing a towel and sunshade to enjoy a sunny beach day. FIL Suites offers and assists with many, many plans!

For those who don’t want to spend their holidays without a car, FIL Suites also offers a private parking in its very building. Moreover, it also counts with a courtesy bathroom with shower and the possibility to keep suitcases and belongings safe.

In case you need any help deciding what to do in the city, what activities are available or what monuments, restaurants and beaches there are close by, the FIL Suites team at the front desk will personally help you choose the best plans, both for the day and night.

A building with a great story to tell

Behind the walls of FIL Suites hides a rich history. A hundred-year-old building that once housed the prestigious Majorcan textile factor Ca’n Ribas. The aristocratic essence resides in the beautiful details that have been preserved, thus combining the historical beauty of the building together with quality features of the highest standards.

Vaulted ceilings, stone capitals, arches and endless details from different historic periods. From the epoch of Muslim domination in Mallorca, through the Middle Ages, to the period of the late C18th, when the artisan production systems started to be replaced by textile factories.

FIL Suites is not just any historic building, it’s the combination of elements from distinct epochs moved to the current world and converted into a modern and avant-garde design collection with all the luxuries you can imagine to make each stay an unforgettable trip.


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