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What to see in a day in Palma

The capital city of Mallorca is one of those grand discoveries that highlights any trip to Mallorca. Apart from the mass of souvenir shops that fill the touristy areas, Palma actually has a much more unique essence. It is considered one of the best cities in the world to live and it is the social and cultural epicentre of the island, as well as a gastronomic paradise and a treasure of cultural heritage.

If your stay in Palma is less than 24 hours, there’s no need for panic. We at FIL Suites have developed this small guide with everything you need to experience the essence of Palma in just one day from a local point of view.

09:00h > Setup at Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo

Start the day off at Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo, one of these mythical and traditional places that are considered a true point of cultural interest in Palma. Since it’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists, it’s recommended that you go first thing in the morning in order to have a taste of their ancestral recipe for artisanal ice cream and ensaimadas.

10:00h > Stroll through the Old Town

Make the most of this area by losing yourself in the maze of alleys in the historic centre and marvel before the small squares, churches, manor houses and Arabic baths that can be found during your walk. Feel free to peruse the charming shops and art galleries that you’ll find along the way.

12:00h > Visit the Cathedral of Santa María

More popularly known as La Seu, the Cathedral of Santa María is the flagship of Palma. A spacious building that has been influenced by various artistic periods, the interior of the Cathedral is always an impressive experience. Dedicate some time to contemplating its large rose window, the largest in the world amongst gothic cathedrals, and get fascinated by observing how the Mediterranean light filters through it.

13:30h > Pay homage to the Parc de la Mar

The Parc de la Mar is a key point for understanding the identity of Palma, having been built in the 80s with the objective of restoring green space and beautifying the city. Avoid the most touristy areas and choose instead to visit this park, with its alluring surroundings and its multitude of cafés from which to enjoy its Mediterranean character.

17:00h > Culture and art at Es Baluard

Going back to the historic centre, Es Baluard is a recommended stop considering it is one of the most important Modern and Contemporary art museums in the Mediterranean. In addition, its terrace has one of most dazzling views of the bay.

19:00h > The magic of Santa Catalina

The neighbourhood of Santa Catalina is to Palma de Mallorca what Madrid is to the ancient Malasaña or the Born is to Barcelona: the best area in the city to kick off an afternoon party, discover its interesting gastronomic offerings and jump in to an atmosphere that starts heating up as the sun sets.

Pass by the market (open only until 17:0h) and get to know one of the most significant spots in the city. Enjoy a tasty appetizer or an excellent dinner, and as the night proceeds, join in on the good cheer of the area closest to the sea.

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