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What is TI?

What is a "Turismo de Interior" Acommodation?

In Mallorca, when we say “Turismo de Interior” (with the distinctive mark TI) we are talking about the kind of establishment where a building located in the historic centre of the city and that was built before 1940 or that is classified as valuable due to its historic and artistic heritage is used with as accommodation for tourists.

It was with this very same idea in mind that Fil Suites was established in one of these buildings with high patrimonial value, to create unique living spaces that contribute to the traveller’s comfort while at the same time respecting the building’s original style and relevance was the main goal.

Staying at Fil Suites is a unique experience: inside, a journey to the past; outside, living the present of one of Palma’s historical centre neighborhoods and being a witness to how it welcomes modernity without losing Palma’s essence.